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2015 Topps WWE Road to Wrestlemania Retail Pack

2015 Topps WWE Road to Wrestlemania Retail Pack

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7 Cards per Pack


Topps 2015 WWE Road to WrestleMania follows the lead up to and including WrestleMania 31 where Seth Rollins walked out at WWE World Heavyweight Champion as well as inserts that feature past WrestleMania's, Superstars & Legends.

Find Rocking Wrestlemania, HHH @ WM, Bizarre Wrestlemania Matches, and Hulk Hogan Tribute Inserts! 

PLUS, look for Blue, Silver, Gold, and the ultra-rare Red Parallels!  

  • Each pack contains 4 base cards, 1 Classic Wrestlemania Matches card, 1 Hall of Fame card, and 1 insert card
  • Look for autographs of the Hottest Superstars, Divas & Legends 

Plus find exclusive Bret "Hit Man" Hart autographs and relics!

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