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2020-21 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Retail Pack

2020-21 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Retail Pack

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5 Cards per Pack 



Marvel Annual serves as a time capsule for an unforgettable year in comics!

Look for sweet tiered numbered variants, sparkley parallels, holograms, lenticulars, booklets, sketch cards, autos and more. 

Box Hits (16 Packs) 

  • (1) Splash-ticular Card (Regular, SP, SSP)

Pack Hits 

  • (1) Variant Base Card
  • (1) Insert Card
    • Star Rookies, Annual Impact, Humble Beginnings, Number 1 Spot

Product Details

  • 100 Card Base Set Base Set
    • Variant Cover Parallel with FOUR RARITY TIERS!!
    • Marvel Annual Base Set Hologram Parallel with limited numbering returns!
  • ALL-NEW Sparkling Foil Base Set Parallel with limited numbering!
  • Splash-ticular Lenticular Cards
    • View exciting Comic Book Splash Page Art in a new dimension
    • Look for SP and SSP versions!
  • Battle Booklets Sketch Cards!
    • Search for coveted 1-of-1 art cards showcasing 14 different character pairings
  • Look for Star Rookies, Annual Impact, Humble Beginnings, and Number 1 Spot Inserts!
    • Thematic Inserts that highlight the year’s key events and characters!
  • Discover and Collect 1-of-1 Printing Plates!
  • Creators Corner Autographs!
    • Collect autographed cards of notable writers and artists who contributed to Marvel Comics in the past year!
  • 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!
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