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Bandai Digimon Starter Deck Gallantmon ST-7

Bandai Digimon Starter Deck Gallantmon ST-7

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Starter set that includes metallic counters, instructions, 6 limited cards with holographic texture and a pre-built deck.
New Digimon Card Game themed deck featuring the mighty Gallantmon!
Each Starter Deck includes everything you need to start playing Digimon Card Game.
Dive into the digital world with the amazing TCG DIGIMON CARD GAME Starter Deck 7 Gallantmon English!


Improved starter decks now feature 4 halo texture starter cards, 2 metallic Memory Gauges, and 6 SR holo campaign cards!



  • Constructed Deck ×1 (54 cards)
  • Holo Texture Campaign Cards x6
  • Metallic Memory Gauge ×2
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